[TxMt] How do I move project drawer to left hand side?

James Edward Gray II james at grayproductions.net
Wed Aug 2 13:39:58 UTC 2006

On Aug 2, 2006, at 8:33 AM, Matthew Smith-Stubbs wrote:

>> My project drawer has started opening on the right hand side of my
>> window, and I prefer it on the left.  How can I switch it back?
> Hide the project drawer, then move the Textmate window to the right  
> hand edge of your screen. Show the drawer again, and it will open  
> in the space on the left hand side.

This happens to me quasi-frequently and the process above is a bit of  
a pain.  I would love a hidden option to force the drawer to always  
open on the side I prefer...

James Edward Gray II

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