[TxMt] Theme creation tools, wishlist

Daniel Käsmayr daniel at kaesmayr.net
Thu Apr 6 20:35:40 UTC 2006


I would love to have a workflow like this:
* extract a listing of scopes from a bundle
* create a set of styles
* and then have a listing with styles on the left, scopes on the  
right with some form of connectors between them to assogn styles OR  
definitely some way to see which scopes have which styles applied
* (and possibly some way to easily change a *whole theme's colors*:  
like convert all R values to G values… ;))

A thing I have noticed during my attempts to get some more specific  
styling for my LaTeX stuff is that there are so many themes out now,  
and so many bundles it is almost impossible to create a theme that  
*really* applies to all languages. What would be very useful to try  
and play with themes would be some way to assign relationships  
between scope selectors for themes to substitute missing elements.  
This would look like some list that a user or a bundle could provide  
which says:

“if your theme does NOT know about meta.scope.obscure then please  
have it handled like meta.scope.common, as these are related or at  
least the style markup would indicate a similar importance.”
Possibly add some way of indicating those *placeholder* assignments  
in the theme editor by creating blanks that could be filled in or so.

(This would in a way be similar to a situation where bundles do not  
use their own but a limited namespace. But would also allow for a  
much more sophisticated access for styling as well as for mixed  
language situations or for purely aesthetic reasons [like in  
Brilliance Black where you have different color “mini-themes” for  
different bundles/languages]).

Am I still making sense?


PS: I do realize this will end up very low on the “wishlist” ;)

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