[TxMt] Help finishing Bundle command

Ken Scott optikos at gmail.com
Sun Apr 2 23:24:15 UTC 2006

I'm trying to add a Delete command to the Subversion bundle. I've got  
the basics working, but now I'm trying to make it look nice.

Here's the command as it is now:

require_cmd "${TM_SVN:=svn}" "If you have installed svn, then you  
need to either update your <tt>PATH</tt> or set the <tt>TM_SVN</tt>  
shell variable (e.g. in Preferences / Advanced)"

rv=`CocoaDialog textbox --title "Delete from Repository" --string- 
output --no-newline \
	--informative-text "These files will be scheduled for deletion  
during the next commit." \
	--text "${TM_SELECTED_FILES:-$TM_FILEPATH}" --button1 "Delete" -- 
button2 "Cancel"`

if [ "$rv" == "Delete" ]; then
elif [ "$rv" == "No" ]; then
elif [ "$rv" == "Cancel" ]; then

What I want is the list of files in the CocoaDialog textbox to be  
newline-separated, and have the enclosing quotes removed (ideally,  
the project base path as well). I don't have any bash-fu to figure  
this out.

Help please?

Ken Scott

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