[TxMt] [RFC] python folding enhancement

Jordan Breeding jordan.breeding at mac.com
Sat Sep 24 22:59:05 UTC 2005


I haven't had a chance to follow all of the TextMate enhancements as  
closely as I would like, but I thought that I saw something about  
regexes being able to look back and forward now.

I edit a lot of python files that haven't been written with TextMate,  
which means that lines inserted for spacing/formatting are completely  
blank.  It would be nice if the folding support for Python could  
support files that weren't written in TextMate.

Is it possible with all of the regex changes lately that Python  
folding support could now support this?

I don't think that just reformatting the file(s) in question will  
help because the people writting the files use emacs and have the  
contents of their buffer reformatted when they open the file and when  
they write it out, they strip any spaces and tabs on blank lines.

Thanks for any information,

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