[TxMt] theme and syntax highlighting for REXX

Brian Caldwell lists at rainpuddle.com
Thu Sep 22 21:59:27 UTC 2005

Hi -

I've been using TextMate for a short while to do a variety of  
software development tasks. My day job involves mainframe  
development, including developing and maintaining REXX Execs. As I  
didn't see that anyone had done this before me, I've created a theme  
and syntax highlighting bundle for it. The syntax highlighting is  
working quite well - I'd personally say that it's about 95% there. At  
this point, I've come up with some questions regarding themes (mine  
I've called the-not-terribly-original "Mainframe")...

1) If themes are to syntax highlighting (a language) in the way that  
CSS is to HTML, then why is there not a way to specify in the  
language definition a specific theme to use? I want to use my  
Mainframe only when doing REXX stuff (so far), and other themes when  
doing say C for instance.

2) It would be easier to create and maintain themes if they were on  
the Window menu as the Bundle Editor is. Having it buried under  
Preferences -> Fonts & Colors is IMO odd.

3) Unlike a language definition which I could cut 'n' paste or even  
cut 'n' email, where do user created themes reside? and how could I  
export/import or cut 'n' paste one?


Brian Caldwell

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