[TxMt] Screwed up my ruby integration - help!

Mathias Meyer mm at beatsteaks.de
Fri Sep 16 19:47:59 UTC 2005

On 16.09.2005, at 21:33, Kumar McMillan wrote:

> Is it the same for everybody else -- that $TM_BUNDLE_SUPPORT is empty
> in beta 17?  It is for me and this breaks Subversion plus most other
> commands.
> K
As I wrote in one of my first replies, $TM_BUNDLE_SUPPORT has been  
introduced in the revision 398 build. Check out Allan's blog entry  
regarding the latest builds (which I'm pretty thankful for, by the  
way ;):

Cheers, Mathias
"Symbol table full - fatal heap error; please go buy a RAM upgrade  
from your local Apple dealer" -- Apple MPW C Compiler

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