[TxMt] project files and Subversion

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Thu Sep 15 20:26:14 UTC 2005

On 15/09/2005, at 20.02, Kris Khaira wrote:

> What I mean is this:
> 1. Made a new project from a Subversioned folder "/data/www/project1/
> 2. Saved the project file on my Desktop.
> Then, whenever I try to run an svn command from within TextMate on  
> any file in that project, I get this error:
> svn: '/Users/kris/Desktop' is not a working copy

If I do the same, I get that error for Status, but Blame, Commit,  
Diff with Base, Info, Log etc. all work fine.

As for Status not working (since it's based on TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY),  
I'll try to change that variable to be the folder of the top-most  
file in the project, seeing how so many doesn't keep the tmproj file  
in the project directory (and I anyway need another solution for 1.2,  
if I want to get rid of the tmproj files).

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