[TxMt] Japanese Input

Masaki Yatsu yatsu at yatsu.info
Mon Sep 12 13:26:06 UTC 2005

On 2005/09/12, at 21:42, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> Sorry, but the required improvements to make it international are  
> unlikely to happen in the nearest future (but they are on the to-do).

Thank you for your consideration.
I am looking forward to the far future release.

On 2005/09/12, at 21:39, Yuhei Kuratomi wrote:

> Actually there are two issues involved in this problem and both  
> cannot be solved by changing character encodings.
> 1. I cannot input Japanese characters.
> 2. Japanese characters are rendered overlapped.
> In both cases, 'Japanese' can be replaced with 'Chinese' or other  
> asian languages.
> First thing is that TextMate doesn't handle Japanese inputs. As  
> Masaki says, TextMate needs to be a TSM client. This would require  
> a lots of extra codes to implement.
> Second thing is due to the way how TextMate recognizes character  
> width and it could happen even if only ASCII characters are used.   
> Current implementation of TextMate assumes that every fonts have  
> fixed width. Although I can choose proportional fonts, they are not  
> rendered correctly. Spaces between characters are sometimes too  
> wide and sometimes too narrow. Ranges of Japanese characters are  
> wider than that of ASCII characters and that results in overlapped  
> renderings.
> Solving these issues must be a hard work and maybe Allan wants to  
> concentrate on other TODOs rather than multilingualizations.  I'm  
> very glad if TextMate supports Japanese and I hope it realizes in  
> the future but I think it is not the time yet.
> Anyway, supporting Japanese means supporting other asian languages  
> except translating GUIs too and that must be a good chance for  
> TextMate.

Thank you for your detailed comment.
I understand well.

Masaki Yatsu
yatsu at yatsu.info

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