[TxMt] POLL: Request a Theme!

Michael Sheets mummer at whitefalls.org
Mon Sep 12 09:21:16 UTC 2005

> Hmm, I actually really like twilight, but I still find it  
> disturbing to have my code background dark when everything else is  
> white. So, is there an easy way to invert a theme? So I can have  
> twilight inverted, to make it look like it does now when I hit cmd 
> +ctr+opt+8?
> Or even better yet, a checkbox like "adapt to inverted screen  
> color" or something :) So that every theme adapts when I switch  
> global colours!

The easiest way would be to wait for it's twin (bright) sibling to be  
done, Morningtide. Taken a backburner to XHTML recently... but I'll  
try and get it done before 1.1. Depending of course on when that is...

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