[TxMt] POLL: Request a Theme!

Chris Thomas chris at cjack.com
Mon Sep 12 00:53:28 UTC 2005

Quick brain dump on themes:

1. Some random theme ideas. I don't have time to work on these at the  
moment; feel free to steal them.

  - Imperfect: WordPerfect DOS (bright white text on a blue (#0000FF)  
background -- use with imitation DOS font for best effect)
  - God Save Brand X: Standard BBEdit colors
  - Merchandise No. 5: Coca-Cola colors (white on red -- really bad  
for the eyes, I suspect)

2. Observation: preprocessor highlighting (heavily used with C/C++/ 
ObjC) is missing from most of the themes that I haven't touched.

3. I prefer a solid white background, but this is likely because I  
started programming on the Mac rather than on a dumb terminal or DOS.  
I sometimes use the dark themes, mainly to admire the artistry of the  
color selection. Also, I try to test syntax modifications with all  
the themes.

4. SaintEdit had a unique feature I haven't seen anywhere else. It  
had two coordinated built-in themes, one light and one dark. You  
could set it to automatically use the dark theme at night and switch  
to the light theme during the day.

5. Dark theme authors: why are all of your comment colors dark gray  
on black? Do you not wish to read comments? Are your monitors broken,  
or what? How disturbing. </king-of-all-cosmos>

6. TextMate might benefit from grouping themes into categories:  
"Light", "Dark", "Retro", "Beverages/Foodstuffs"...

7. I like your mint theme. (But see item 5 above.)


On Sep 11, 2005, at 11:57 AM, thomas Aylott wrote:

> Hello, my name is Thomas.
> And I am addicted to making textMate themes.
> Please feed my addiction by suggesting theme ideas.
> I have been told that my themes make peoples eyes bleed. They are  
> obviously of limited use, therefore.
> If people seriously want a certain theme, I WILL make it (eventually).
> I've got a process down now that's really quick.
> -----
> Who uses what theme in textMate?
> What themes have you used from previous systems or applications?
>         visual studio? dreamweaver? bbedit? foo.app?
>         Do you like them?
> Do you want an 'expert designer' to tell you what you should like?  
> <insert canned laughter here>
> Do you have bad taste and should be ignored? <again.. haha>
> Do you like black backgrounds? Do you like colored backgrounds?
> Do you hate excessive use of background colors? ...for the  
> page? ...for individual elements?
> Do you like high contrast? Do you prefer lower contrast?
> Do you like having a bunch of different colors or would you prefer  
> one with shades of only a few colors?
> What colors do you like? Please give examples.
> Do you have synisthesia? Are certain elements 'supposed' to be a  
> certain color?
> What languages do you want to have colored?
> Do you want different languages to have different colors?
> -----
> Please provide example screen shots (or links to them to keep from  
> clogging the list) if at all possible.
> Thank you for 'enabling' my habit   ;D
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