[TxMt] Maybe these have come up before

Matt Mower matt.mower at gmail.com
Sat Sep 10 21:58:07 UTC 2005


Two things that I find consistently not to my liking in how TextMate
handles Ruby code:

1) When you fold a (ruby) function it places a "---" marker at the end
of the non-folded first line to represent (presumably) the folded

However, although the "---" isn't part of the logical line, if you
place the caret before the marker and hit Enter the marker is moved
down a line and inherits a folding arrow.  This leaves the first line
of the folded function disjointed with a non-functioning fold arrow.

=> I'd like hitting Enter at the "---" to move the caret to a new line
below the folded function without affecting the folded section.

2) When you fold a function and use Ctrl+/ on the visible line with
the "---" marker to comment it out what actually happens is that t
comments out only the visible line.  The rest of the function is not
commented if you expand it.

=> I'd like to it comment/uncomment the folded section as well.

I am using v1.1b17



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