[TxMt] Regex Zero-width positive lookbehind

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Thu Sep 8 17:54:42 UTC 2005

On 08/09/2005, at 18.46, thomas Aylott wrote:

> I would also like to use ZWPL in regular searched & macros.
> Once you have oniguruma for searching setup i'll be able to finish the
> shortcut for 'select-contents-of-next-attribute' that I've been  
> working on.

Seeing how this is a macro, you could record:
  1) search for "(?=.*?")
  2) move right
  3) search for [^"]*

One problem I see with this though, is, that you can't know if you're  
inside an attribute, i.e. if you are, you'd have to skip the closing  
" before performing the steps above.

  (and now I await the request to use scope selectors in searches :) )

> Then I'll just have to figure out how to make a command for 'select- 
> contents-of-previous-attribute' but I have no clue how to search  
> backwards easily.

With normal searches you could search backwards for " (thrice). When  
I do migrate to oniguruma, backwards regexp searches will be possible.

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