[TxMt] line breaks in new snippit - 'insert banner text'

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Wed Sep 7 08:39:32 UTC 2005

On 07/09/2005, at 7.32, Moshe Weitzman wrote:

> this new snippit in the 'Source' group is cool. It would be even  
> cooler if it did the right thing when user hits the enter key  
> within the banner text. The right thing would be insert a new  
> banner line below current line and put cursor in its usual starting  
> position on the new line.

Anyone is free to improve the defaults snippets :)

As for the top/bottom lines “breaking”, you can change the  
substitution to:

That will only replace the first line entered with ='s.

For return to continue the comment, you'd have to make a new snippet,  
bind it to return for the comment scope, probably a bit more specific  
than just comment.

Btw: try 'enter', this one is actually already bound to a snippet  
which continue the current comment on next line.

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