[TxMt] auto indent/tidy of PHP code

William Macdonald wfm at macscan.co.uk
Tue Sep 6 14:25:55 UTC 2005


I have just signed up with this list.

Up until recently I have been using emacs with PHP-model.el for all  
my PHP coding.

So far I have been impressed with Textmate however there is one  
feature I can't find.

In emacs w/ PHP-mode I can tidy a php script very easily by just  
pressing TAB on each of the lines. Even if I am in the middle of a  
word, pressing TAB just positions it correctly in relation to the  
line above. Tab does not break up a word, and pressing tab repeatedly  
does not move it further. Just enough to give nice consistent  

I have been trying to do this in other editors but so far been unable.

Can Textmate do this ?

I can record a screen capture to illustrate if this doesn't make sense.


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