[TxMt] warning about "tm"

Caio Chassot k at v2studio.com
Tue Sep 6 11:58:43 UTC 2005

On Sep 06, 2005, at 08:22, Luc Heinrich wrote:
>> Just a warning based on fresh experience :-), "r" is next to "t" in a 
>> QWERTY keyboard, so there is a chance you type "rm file" instead of 
>> "tm file". I just did!
> Eh, this happened to me several times as well, but fortunately on 
> not-so-important files :)

Didn't happen to me yet, but 1) I have it aliased as "e" and 2) I 
usually pass a directory to it, and 3) an `svn revert` would probably 
save me if it happened.

That said, if despite all that I deleted something unrecoverable, I'd 
be really pissed. So I think it would indeed be a good idea to rename 
it to txmt, or even textmate. One can always alias it for a shorter 

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