Toggle comments (was: [TxMt] Chunked undo, Language, overall slowness)

Allan Odgaard allan at
Mon Sep 5 14:43:49 UTC 2005

On 05/09/2005, at 16.30, Graeme Mathieson wrote:

>> Are you using the Toggle Comment from the Source bundle? or the  
>> (deprecated) UnComment bundle from the subversion repository? The  
>> latter is tied to filename, which is why the new one exist (and is  
>> the one included with TM).
> FWIW, that's what I was doing wrong - using M-' to comment stuff  
> out rather than M-/.  Thanks. :)

I've been wanting to remove the UnComment bundle from svn, but it has  
more options than the official command, thus my hesitation.

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