[TxMt] 1.1b17: tab switching really slow?

Sune Foldager cryo at cyanite.org
Sun Sep 4 12:38:08 UTC 2005

On 04/09/2005, at 9.33, Caio Chassot wrote:

> Another suggestion, maybe you could withhold rendering of the  
> document for a short while, so if a press Cmd+Opt+arrow repeated  
> times to jump to a distant tab, it doesn't waste time rendering  
> every tab inbetween.

Then, that would suck if you just want to go to the next tab, which  
is what I usually do since I arrange the most used ones next to  
eachother :-P. Alternatively, abort rendering on receiving the next  
key event, but this, I fear, requires more drastic changes to the  

-- Sune.

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