[TxMt] Auto-indent broken in AS Bundle

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Sun Sep 4 07:21:08 UTC 2005

On 03/09/2005, at 21.12, Benjamin Jackson wrote:

> I think this has been an issue since b15 or b16:
>   function() {
>   }
> Does not indent the caret within the block.

Probably because you've disabled the Source bundle.

> Same for if, switch, etc.

That was never added for AS.

In the bundle editor, if you unfold the Source bundle there's a  
Miscellaneous preferences item which sets increase and decrease  
indent patterns.

Duplicate this item, change the scope to “source.actionscript” and  
drag the item to the ActionScript bundle.

Now edit the preferences accordingly (remove an item if you just want  
the default value set in the Source bundle, or if it doesn't apply)  
-- the TM_COMMENT_START/END variables are used by the Toggle Comment  
command and Frame Text snippet.

If you do make a preferences item for AS, please do send it to me,  
and I'll add it to the default bundle.

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