[TxMt] end of line

Max manard1 at tin.it
Wed Oct 26 17:53:36 UTC 2005

> Cmd-return does EOL + LF.
> Cmd-shift-return does EOL + ; + LF (for those languages which need  
> it), and actually EOL + . + LF in text.
> See the Source and Text bundles for these macros.

Yes I know...
in case I'd write something like

if (($_REQUEST["foo"]) and ($_REQUEST["bar"])) {

I think that it could be interesting to enable the 'tab' key putting  
the cursor at the end of line, if no $0, $1 in the snippet is  
specified. What do you think? Just an alternative to the "if" snippet  
for users - like me - who don't use it.
Oh yeah, maybe I should stop doing gibberish and learn snippets. ;)


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