[TxMt] Getting started guide?

Sean Schertell sean at datafly.net
Wed Oct 26 02:30:15 UTC 2005

Well I'm glad to see that I'm not the only nerd who thinks this is  
important.  Thanks Greg for the "Control-Option-Command-K" tip.


On Oct 26, 2005, at 11:01 AM, Charilaos Skiadas wrote:

> On Oct 25, 2005, at 8:29 PM, Sean Schertell wrote:
>> Honestly, I think it's super necessary to have some sort of a  
>> short document at least giving an overview of TM concepts (like  
>> bundles, commands, etc), even with links to relevant sections of  
>> the blog.  Just a couple pages would be great.
> What I would suggest is a couple of two-page "How to use TextMate  
> for foo" files, where foo=HTML, PHP, Ruby, LaTeX, etc. This way,  
> people can see more directly how TextMate can make them more  
> productive in the language they have to work with, instead of  
> generic "this is what's cool about it" statements. Each document  
> can talk about general TM features and how they affect work in a  
> particular bundle. Given a general template, I would guess each of  
> us could contribute to one of these files, and get them done pretty  
> quickly.  Just my 2 cents.
> Haris
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