[TxMt] Lua Bundle

Gavin Kistner gavin at refinery.com
Mon Oct 10 00:23:57 UTC 2005

I tried to contact 'Wes' about the Lua bundle mentioned on the Wiki  
bundle page, but never got a response, and decided to just write my own.

I think the syntax highlighting is correct - it includes appropriate  
highlighting for all the keywords as well as all the built-in library  

In addition to some convenient Snippets for code forms that I  
personally write frequently, I've added 'cheat sheet' Snippets for  
all the global built-in functions and the table, string, and  
coroutine libraries. These tab trigger Snippets fill out the argument  
list with descriptive names, including which parameter(s) are  
optional. When parameters are optional, I included the preceding  
comma in the placeholder, so that tabbing through the function and  
pressing delete will remove any undesirable optional parameters.

(I got tired of entering all the Snippets, and have not yet added  
Snippets for the math, os, or io libraries.)

You can download my bundle from http://phrogz.net/tmp/ 

(Is anyone else using programming Lua on MacOS X? :)

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