[TxMt] SVN integration error

Michael Sheets mummer at whitefalls.org
Sat Oct 8 03:40:58 UTC 2005

>   I was just reading through the blog post about the switch from  
> the 'tm' command line tool to 'mate' and noticed the mention of the  
> subversion integration!  Nice!  Well, it would be :)  For whatever  
> reason, it's not functional for me.  I'm receiving this error when  
> I invoke any of the Subversion dialogues:

I presume of course you have svn installed and responding in  
terminal... if so:

Go into preferences -> advanced -> shell variables, if you have a  
BASH_ENV variable set to "/etc/profile" delete the variable. Older  
versions of TextMate would set this as the default and it's causing a  
few people issues.

Allan... any way to make the "/etc/profile" value ignored in the next  

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