[TxMt] Nightly build now does auto-update

Mike Stickel mike at screenflicker.com
Sun Oct 2 16:24:09 UTC 2005

Just a quick note that after reading the blog entry and clicking on  
the "latest build" link I was redirected to an error page that  
mentioned a precondition failed. Here is the exact text it gave me:

The precondition on the request for the URL /textmate/build/ 
TextMate_r488.tbz evaluated to false.

After a while of messing around with different links (thinking it was  
dead for some reason) I added a "www." in front of the above error  
page and the file immediately began to download.

Just thought you might like to be notified of that.

Mike Stickel
Screenflicker Developments

p: 403-923-7667
e: mike at screenflicker.com

On Oct 2, 2005, at 8:47 AM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> If you don't follow my blog, I'd suggest reading this:
>    http://macromates.com/blog/archives/2005/10/02/self-updating-build/
> Basically I now encourage using nightly builds (instead of just  
> betas), which should be much easier now that TM checks for updates  
> itself, and handles the updating automatically as well.

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