[TxMt] Re: Tek theme

Christian Rosentreter karibu at gmx.net
Mon Nov 28 23:30:01 UTC 2005

Hello Andreas

On 28.11.05, you wrote:

> @tek theme author:
> Why no announcment on the mailing list, and why no credits to yourself?

why taking credit for some copy'n'paste job? Anyway... i thought the 
url I had to put there is credit enough. :)

> I also really like the colours, but they're a bit to "bland" to be of  
> use as a general theme, it'd be cool to see them shifted around a bit  
> and create a useful theme ... :)

Yes, I already experimented with it, but wasn't very happy with
the results, so I decided original colour set has to do. 

Actually I only made it, because I was messing with a cron script 
when upgrading from the older TextMate version to latest beta and 
the colours I got used to when editing the script were gone. 

I really hope there will be some option to configure 
different colour themes per bundle again. Really liked that
feature in old version. Though, I agree it makes more sense
to keep that setting extern from the bundle as it's a bit silly
to fork the bundle just to have different colours. :)

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