[TxMt] Re: Using file as HTML output

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Wed Nov 23 02:01:03 UTC 2005

On 23/11/2005, at 2:10, Benjamin Jackson wrote:

> Nope. Tried that already. Besides, it gives an absolute path that  
> starts with /.

Did you try with tm-file:// ? The following works for me:

echo "<meta http-equiv='Refresh' content='0; URL=tm-file://localhost$ 

And alternate way to redirect is btw via the html “support library”  
found in the TM_SUPPORT_PATH (first library “includes” (sources) the  

. "${TM_SUPPORT_PATH}/lib/html.sh"
redirect "tm-file://localhost${HOME}/Sites/index.html"

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