[TxMt] TextMate bug reporting protocol?

Paul Bissex paul.bissex at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 17:31:38 UTC 2005

On 11/8/05, Allan Odgaard <throw-away-1 at macromates.com> wrote:
> On 08/11/2005, at 5.55, Paul Bissex wrote:
> > What's the official procedure for filing bug reports? There's this
> > mailing list, bugs at macromates.com, the various areas of the wiki, the
> > FogBugz site... what's the best way to deliver bug reports without
> > driving Allan to distraction?
> In principle I would like to use FogBugz for everything, but it has
> two drawbacks:
>   1) users can't search the database, hence this list is better for
> what's likely to become a duplicate
>   2) one has to manually click "subscribe" to be notified about
> changes to
>      the ticket, which no-one does, hence email is better (for the
>      reporter) when I'm likely going to request more info (there are
>      several open tickets in the database with status "waiting for more
>      info")
> Hope it helped clarify it a little.

That helped a lot, thanks!  I took the liberty of turning it into a
page on the Wiki, with a link from the FAQ:


Re FogBugz, I know you probably don't want to get into this, but how
about switching to a system that works more the way you want?
Especially since the FogBugz DB seems so lightly populated at present.
Trac or Mantis might give you more flexibility (just no Bugzilla,
please god no Bugzilla).  IIRC you indicated some obstacles with your
current hosting situtation, but I'm sure you could find users willing
to help with that (myself included).  Sorry if I'm opening up a can of
worms here. Of course you can organize the flow of information however
you want!


paul bissex
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