[TxMt] Subversion bundle problems - diff not working

.Mac stephenhamilton at mac.com
Thu Jun 23 16:46:28 UTC 2005

I have the same problems as detailed in this thread - 

At work I'm running osX 10.3.9. None of the diff commands work. When I 
try to diff I get the spinning beach ball and then nothing.
At home, runing 10.4.1, everything works fine.

I'm running textmate 1.1b13 with a svn update of the entire bundles 
repository (I'm at rev 1226).

There didn't seem to be a resolution to the problem in the thread, 
other than Charilaos Skiadas problems seemed to go away for 'Diff 
revisions' and 'Diff with revision.' Following the suggestions in the 
thread I have different results. My error text when outputing Diff 
Revisions into a new window is

/bin/bash: line 20: [: too many arguments

I don't get the

-:1:in `require': No such file to load -- svn_diff (LoadError)
         from -:1

Also, CocoaDialog --help and ctrl-R to run the line as a command 

CocoaDialog --help/bin/bash: line 1: CocoaDialog: command not found

Any more thoughts - do I need to update ruby maybe? Start from scratch 
maybe? Persuade the FO to upgrade my system to Tiger?

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