[TxMt] qq|...| in Perl bundle

Andrew Green andrew at article7.co.uk
Thu Jun 23 10:05:31 UTC 2005


Having now upgraded, the themes editor is great.  TM just gets better 
and better.

The old Perl bundle contained a definition to treat the following 

	qq(Hello World);
	qq{Hello World};
	qq|Hello World|;

This latter form, although a little weird, is nonetheless valid Perl, 
and something I use all the time.  The new Perl bundle recognises the 
former two perfectly, but not the latter.

The naive experiments I've made in the bundle editor haven't gotten me 
anywhere, so I was hoping someone would be able to talk me through how 
to get my beloved qq|| working in the new Perl bundle.

Many thanks in advance!

      article seven       Andrew Green
 automatic internet       andrew at article7.co.uk | www.article7.co.uk

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