[TxMt] Performance Issue: TextMate very slow on columnar edits

Sune Foldager cryo at cyanite.org
Mon Jun 20 13:09:07 UTC 2005

On 20/06/2005, at 14.36, Robert M. Zigweid wrote:

> For short columnar edits, it's not really perceptible, but if you  
> make columnar selection of a mere 1500 lines or so, you'd notice a  
> very noticeable lag.  Now some of this could easily be that I do  
> almost all of my work on a G4 500 powerbook.  But it's still VERY  
> slow.
> Now, more seriously, I know that my selection length was rather  
> extreme.  But it took about 5 minutes or more for TextMate to catch  
> up when I had typed in the 4 characters I'd wanted to replace  
> ('None'  It was python).

Wow, yes... don't try this at home :p. I did it with a 500-600 line  
selection, and it was extreme. After 30 seconds ago the computer also  
started swaping heavily, as TM was using over 550MB of real memory  
(and a vsize og 1.22GB)... this usage persisted across the undo's I  
did to remove my column typing (which went at a more normal pace).  
Then, when I wanted to quite TM it went 'busy wheel' for about 5  
minutes, still using cpu and still swapping before going away.  
Actually... hasn't gone away yet (7 min)  :-p.

-- Sune.

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