[TxMt] Images in XHTML with B12

Eric Curtis ericc at mac.com
Fri Jun 17 00:22:04 UTC 2005

Ah I think I see the problem here. After you pointed to condition B I  
noticed that my html files are filename.htm, no 'l'

I changed the scope line to read:

  text.html, text.htm

with no luck.

Is there a way to assign a wider scope and I might suggest that be  
default the html behaviors should work on both .html and .htm


> This should work granted that a) you have the HTML drag command for  
> images, b) you drop the image file in something which has scope  
> text.html, and c) the image dragged has one of these (case  
> sensitive) extensions: png, PNG, jpeg, JPEG, jpg, JPG, gif, GIF.

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