[TxMt] Question and possible feature request: Dictionary

Robert M. Zigweid rzigweid at zigweid.net
Wed Jun 15 11:41:31 UTC 2005

Tiger has a new feature in Cocoa apps.  The dictionary feature.  I  
had thought that TextMate was Cocoa.  (To be honest, I haven't looked  
that closely).  Out of curiosity when I was using the dictionary  
feature, which is activated with command-control-d, I noticed that it  
did not do anything.  Is this explicitly disabled in TextMate, or is  
there a key-binding that I haven't found yet that masks the system  

I'm using b12 and have relatively new bundles.

Robert M. Zigweid                    http://robert.zigweid.net
rzigweid at zigweid.net

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