[TxMt] Huge delay in TextMate 1.1b12

Charilaos Skiadas skiadas at math.uchicago.edu
Mon Jun 13 18:05:26 UTC 2005

On Jun 13, 2005, at 12:44 PM, Christopher Petrilli wrote:

> I write a LOT of LaTeX documents, and as I was working on the class
> for one of them, I've noticed that when trying to fix up some braces
> ({}), TextMate will slam the CPU on my iMac G5 to 100% for 15-20
> seconds, before continuing.  Here's a little snip from what I was
> trying to fix:
> \newcommand{\tla}[1]{{\scshape {\MakeLowercase{#1}}}}
> Not very complex, but when I added the last closing brace, it went
> wonky.  I had thought in the past that it wouldn't come out, so I'd
> kill it, but this time, I just let it run, and eventually it fixed
> itself.

The above line by itself is not a problem, so, if you could send us the 
entire file, I'll try to have a look at it.
How big is the document? Are the lines very long? Have you checked out 
the latest revision?
I find it slow at times too, but it's hard to pin down. To begin with, 
lines like the above are not colored properly anyway, and that's not 
too easy to fix at the time.
I would recommend, as a possibly temporary solution, to move all your 
newcommands and other preamble instructions to another file, say 
begin.tex, and then use \input{begin.tex}. If you tend to reuse your 
commands, this will be very handy in the long run anyway, and it might 
make things faster.

> I tried switching to plain text, and that helped, so it seems to be
> something in the way the language pack is written.  Any thoughts?
> Chris
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> | Christopher Petrilli
> | petrilli at gmail.com
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