[TxMt] Crash/unexpected quit

soryu2 at gmail.com soryu2 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 21:04:42 UTC 2005

On 11.06.2005, at 22:39, Frank Schönmann wrote:

> hi
> There seems to be a syntax coloring/language definition bug in TM  
> that leads to an unexpected quit (not a real "crash" as I don't get  
> an OS X crash report). I've attached a LaTeX document that leads to  
> this (with current bundles). Can anyone reproduce this behavior?

an ercept from the irc channel

[14:28]     Soryu    Tm crashes
[14:29]     Soryu    repeatedly
[14:29]     Soryu    with a 56k LaTeX file
[14:29]     allan    does it crash (i.e. produce a crash log) or just  
[14:30]     Soryu    no crash log
[14:30]     allan    if it's the latter, then it's most likely  
because Harris changed the language def. to be recursive
[14:30]     Soryu    that means?
[14:30]     allan    okay, I'll remove his stuff from the syntax, 2 secs
[14:30]     Soryu    well, I can remove it local here
[14:31]     allan    okay, this line: patterns = ( { include =  
"text.latex"; } );
[14:31]     allan    most go
[14:31]     allan    must
[14:31]     allan    basically he added recursion to the syntax  
_before_ I've made the stack to handle this dynamic :/
[14:31]     Soryu    hehe, he wants you to catch up
[14:33]     allan    actually, you probably want to remove the entire  
rule, since you'd otherwise lose syntax coloring in \begin...\end blocks
[14:34]     Soryu    I still try to figure out in which file...
[14:34]     allan    it's almost halfway down
[14:34]     allan    starts with this:
[14:34]     allan      { name = "declaration.environment.latex";
[14:34]     allan       comment = "As it is, this captures all begin- 
end blocks that are not egin{document}-end{document} blocks. It will  
further allow any text.latex pattern in the block to be matched.";

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