[TxMt] Re: current line background colour in themes

Jashugan jashugan at gmail.com
Wed Jun 8 00:57:28 UTC 2005

David Lee <david at ...> writes:

> Ah, found it - in the 'text view' of the styles for text / code base ...
> it might be nice to have these accessible via the GUI at some stage  
> from a usability point of view
> cheers
> D
> On 14/05/2005, at 4:41 PM, David Lee wrote:


Thanks for posting a follow up. Saved me many hours of searching. To clarify the
solution even further:

+ open the Theme Editor
+ go to the Colorset of your desired theme (e.g. Colorset:All Hallow's Eve)
+ click on "Text base" or "Source base" option underneath the Colorset
+ choose the 'text view' by clicking on the button with three lines (in the
right-hand pane).
+ make changes to lineHighlight, I changed it to #333333 for both.

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