[TxMt] Problem with LaTeX bundle

Frank Schönmann fs at defined.de
Mon Jun 6 08:42:43 UTC 2005


On 06.06.2005, at 00:51, Charilaos Skiadas wrote:

>> In particular, there's a problem with using " characters. I don't  
>> think there are any " delimited strings in LaTeX, but instead " is  
>> used to denote umlauts in German texts (e.g. to get ä you type  
>> "a). So, whenever I use an umlaut the syntax highlighting doesn't  
>> work anymore until the next umlaut because TM marks the text in  
>> between as being in the invalid.string.latex scope. This IMHO  
>> serves no useful purpose at all but nevertheless breaks the syntax  
>> highlighting. Could anyone please fix this?
> I just committed a fix. It was highlighted as invalid.string.latex,  
> so that people would know and change it, since this is not the  
> LaTeX way of quoting. I removed that pattern, and the corresponding  
> smart-typing pair, but I at least still get two quotes when typing  
> one, so not sure what is going on there, but the highlight is gone.

Thank you, this is much better... :)

>> I'd also like to have a scope representing environments. So you  
>> could e.g. mark environments (something between and including  
>> \begin{} … \end{}) with a special background setting to  
>> distinguish them from the surrounding text.
> Do you mean individual scope for different environments, or just  
> capture each begin-end block? The entire document is contained  
> within a \begin{document} \end{document} block, so any choice there  
> would change how the entire document looks like, and any other  
> groups contained in it would not be distinguished this way.

Oh, right, I didn't consider that. So we'd need different scopes for  
each environment, like keyword.markup.environment.<name> (replacing  
<name> by document, table, tabular, ...) or something similar. This  
way, we could exclude the "document" environment from the scopes for  
special syntax highlighting.

However, it isn't that important to me. I can wait until TM allows  
<whatever you were talking about in the rest of your posting>... ;) I  
guess this has also something to do with syntax highlighting not  
working in patterns like \footnotetext{<some latex>}?

>> If I have another idea I'll write about it here.
> Please do.

I don't see any more problems right now. Having not half the document  
marked as invalid.string.latex is already a great improvement... ;)

bye, Frank!

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