[TxMt] symbol popup

Todd Grimason todd at slack.net
Fri Jun 3 16:14:30 UTC 2005

Hi all-

So I finally took a moment and caught up with the latest beta and svn
bundles, very nice! Might there soon be an "official" beta linked from
the main site for those not paying close attention [like myself] but
still using TM daily?

Anyways, I know this is an often-discussed topic, but I missed it - is
the symbol popup and the other options that pop up windows with
symbols/functions the final form of the much-requested
function/method/symbol menus? At the risk of sounding whiny, I hope not

And I'll refrain from the asking the split-window question.  oops! ;-)

Everything else is looking sweet!


toddgrimason*todd[ at ]slack.net

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