[TxMt] Re: textmate Digest, Vol 10, Issue 32

James Edward Gray II james at grayproductions.net
Tue Jul 26 13:38:57 UTC 2005

On Jul 25, 2005, at 10:37 PM, Andreas Wahlin wrote:

>> I doubt you'll convince many here that the Finder is a good project
>> manager ;)
> ehm, *coughs a bit* no I suppose not :)
> But if you would only use it SPATIALLY, then ... *shuts up*

I use to believe similarly.  I strongly encourage you to spend a few  
minutes playing with TextMate's projects.  Just don't be too  
surprised if they win you over.  They sure sold me.

Apple-T is probably the best feature of projects.  What to open  
my_class_test.rb?  Apple-T, mct, and return.  You have to see it to  
believe it.

Seriously, we're probably talking about 10 minutes of your time and  
then at least you'll know what you're missing, if nothing else...

James Edward Gray II

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