[TxMt] xslt support?

Brian Lalor blalor at bravo5.org
Tue Jul 26 12:45:05 UTC 2005

On Jul 26, 2005, at 5:59 AM, Josef Chladek wrote:

> i've been searching the main site, the wiki and the list - but  
> can't seem to find a bundle that does reasonable xsl syntax  
> highlighting. did i miss something, is there something worked on,  
> the html/xml bundles from b15 are just to simple for doing real xsl  
> files. this is the only thing that holds me back from buying a  
> licence...

What's missing?  XSL is just XML...  What XSL-specific stuff do you  
want highlighted?

I'd like to point out that most of the bundles *available* were  
written by TM users, not by Allan.  The source to the editor isn't  
open, but all of the bundles and a bunch of tools do have source  
available, so you're welcome to make changes to them.

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