[TxMt] NEED Japanese Text Encoding! (pretty please?)

Sean Schertell sean at datafly.net
Mon Jul 25 03:53:51 UTC 2005

>> Unfortunately, UTF-8 doesn't work for Japanese in some cases.  For  
>> example Mac IE (still used by all those poor souls still stuck on  
>> OS 9), shows lots of wacky characters.

>> Sorry to sound skeptical, but is that just a subset of the  
>> japanese characters, which it shows as wacky?

It seemed to only affect form elements -- I'm not entirely sure that  
maybe my meta tags or apache config weren't the problem.  Interesting  
sidenote however:  If you go to google.co.jp using Safari (or almost  
any other browser), it serves up a tasty helping of UTF-8 encoded  
Japanese.  But if you go to the same url using Mac IE, it uses Shift- 
JIS.  Weird, huh?

> I tried launching Internet Explorer 5.2 (which is on my Panther  
> partition) and went to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ 
> Japanese_language -- this page is in UTF-8 and contain several  
> japanese characters, and although I don't read japanese, it does  
> look alright to me.
Interesting.  It look okay to me too.  Even the form buttons.

>> Remember, Japan is a huge (possibly #2) market for the web so this  
>> isn't some obscure out in left field feature ;-)
> I'm going to add better/actual international support to TM  
> eventually. Though currently it looks a little like it'll be a 1.4- 
> thing (but 1.2 and 1.3 should take shorter time than the current 1.1).
That would be great!  Even if I'm able to make a clean break and  
start all new projects as UTF-8, I'll still need my code editor not  
to barf on the tons and tons of existing Shift-JIS and EUC-JP docs  
that I may need to work on someday.


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