[TxMt] NEED Japanese Text Encoding! (pretty please?)

Patrice Neff mailinglistst at patrice.ch
Tue Jul 26 03:37:31 UTC 2005

Am 25.07.2005 um 19:07 schrieb Sune Foldager:

> I am almost positive it won't happen; you can use external tools  
> such as iconv or similar to convert to/from instead. The best would  
> be to use UTF-8 on those web pages of course.

UTF-8 sucks for Japanese and Chinese texts mainly due to space  
reasons. If anything makes sense, then it is UTF-16, which Textmate  
also supports.

Apart from that, it seems that Unicode is not actually able to handle  
100% of Chinese (and maybe also Japanese) script. But I'm not a  
Unicode expert.


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