[TxMt] Window persistency (was Just came here ...)

Andreas Wahlin andreaswahlin at bredband.net
Sun Jul 24 20:58:26 UTC 2005

> I kinda thought so at first, but I changed my mind. Nice to be able  
> to give people files with artwork in them, and if you have an iPod  
> photo etc. it will also show up there. What would you rather, also  
> take ID3 info out of the files and stuff it in a database? :-).

Hey, that's true ... I suppose it's a question of whether the  
recipient will be able to read the meta/extra-data or not. ID3 tags  
are universally recognized, iTunes artwork is not. Even though the  
iTunes artwork does create redundancy ... It is a rather tricky  
question .. One that Allan will have to answer in this case hehe


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