[TxMt] Web stuff (was Just came here ...)

Andreas Wahlin andreaswahlin at bredband.net
Sun Jul 24 16:57:32 UTC 2005

> I saw your post on the TM blog, and really wanted to get in touch  
> with you about it. Having worked with the XHTML/CSS/JS/PHP syntaxes  
> over the past few months, I know where some of the weaknesses are  
> and many of them have been noted for a long time, but it is always  
> good to hear from someone new and fresh.
> The problems we are having with the (X)HTML syntaxes are how to  
> structure them up, avoiding repetitions, making them work with  
> multiple other syntaxes (such as PHP, Ruby, etc).  Many of the  
> causes for these limitations have just been removed in 1.1b14+, and  
> I am trying to rework the (X)HTML syntaxes to work better,  
> including specific level highlighting like the <form> tags you  
> mentioned.
> Actually, if you look at the PHP syntax you will find that there  
> are specific syntax groups for each of the various function groups,  
> so that you could have MySQL specific functions in green, while the  
> Array specific functions are Yellow if you would want that, and the  
> ultimate aim of the (X)HTML syntaxes are something along those lines.
> The problem with (X)HTML is that it's a beast in my mind, and kind  
> of hard to grasp firmly at times. So if you can find the time and  
> energy to help with that we all would be grateful

What would I/we do ... is there some organised taskforce behind this  
or is it just to come up with ideas?
I don't know if I feel up to develop some sort of standard and sort  
up the entire XHTML language nice and tidy, but I could sure give  
feedback and requests and ideas.

Is there some current special problems or anything to look at? To be  
honest I don't know how deep I want to go, but it could be fun to be  
a small part at least, so things can go my way ;)

> PS:  Just for clarification I am just a happy TM user that is  
> helping out with some of the WebDev syntaxes.

Yep, good to know.


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