Soft wrap (was: [TxMt] TM 1.1b15)

Allan Odgaard allan at
Sat Jul 23 11:11:53 UTC 2005

On 23/07/2005, at 13.02, Andrew Green wrote:

> Soft wrap is broken again for me -- or, rather, every time I save a
> document, soft wrap turns itself off and I have to turn it back on.

When saving it currently re-initializes preferences based on those  
set in the bundle editor (will be fixed to only happen when changing  
extension, i.e. save as…)

> Is there an easy way for me to force soft wrap to always stay on (at
> least in Perl files) ..?

Yes, open the bundle editor, either
  a) edit the Miscellaneous preferences item in the Source bundle to  
not contain “softWrap = 0;” or
  b) make a new preferences item for which you set “softWrap = 1;”  
and scope to “source.perl”.

I recommend the latter, since it's generally better to augment the  
default stuff than to change it.

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