[TxMt] Features request: columnar editing mode and fixed/delimiter conversion

Luc Heinrich lucsky at mac.com
Fri Jul 22 14:54:56 UTC 2005

On 22 juil. 05, at 15:05, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> Yes -- I use it on average probably daily. If you can't imagine why  
> you'd do a column selection and delete it, replace it, transpose  
> the lines, convert tabs to spaces, do a replace in selection,  
> overtype it, toggle case of letters etc. then you probably edit  
> other types of stuff than me.

I can totally imagine, and that's PRECISELY why I'm saying that  
TextMate's current implementation is crippled.

> But you didn't say what to do instead. Isn't the caret then also  
> bad visually?

I don't think so, the caret is still the caret you use in "normal"  
situation, it's just that since you're in block edit mode, things  
will also happen in other lines (which are highlighted).

> Now, remove the comments to get what to me is the typical case, and  
> you need to grab, drag, and click the mouse in SEE multiple times

No, that's not how it works. Have you TRIED it ?

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