[TxMt] Two things I noticed this evening

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Fri Jul 22 03:41:01 UTC 2005

On 20/07/2005, at 1.19, Matt Mower wrote:

> 1) In the bundle editor, when I add a new bundle (and again when I
> added a new snippet to that bundle) the current select went back to
> the top of the tree [...]

I assume that this was after pressing return in the text field (that  
allowed editing the name of the new item)? This is (unfortunately)  
standard cocoa behavior -- i.e. return will move the field editor to  
the next item, and if at the bottom, move to the top.

I probably should hack the outline view (like I did for the project  
drawer), to stop editing on return, especially since it appears the  
enhancement report I filed ~2 years ago with Apple has disappeared  
from their request tracker :/

> 2) When I have more tabs than will fit in the tab bar (so that you get
> the >>), and am looking at a file which is not in the tab bar, there
> is no way to get access to that files tab any more.

Yes, if you run out of space, there's not enough space to show all  
tabs :) I don't like the proposed fixes for this, so I hope it'll be  
less common when I switch to Safari-like tab behavior.

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