[TxMt] delay after switching back to TM

Patrice Neff mailinglistst at patrice.ch
Thu Jul 21 23:41:30 UTC 2005

Am 22.07.2005 um 01:23 schrieb Allan Odgaard:

> This was actually in the part you quoted:

Oops, sorry for that.

>     [...] You can create a static (thus non-updating) project by  
> dragging
>     files (instead of folders) to the project drawer. If you want  
> to add an
>     entire folder structure as a project you can e.g. create a  
> script as the
>     one attached below, which takes a folder as first argument and  
> writes a
>     tmproj file to stdout. [...]
> So it's in the way you create the project, not a switch.

I see. Well in that case I'll probably just bear with the delays  
until the real fix.


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