[TxMt] delay after switching back to TM

Patrice Neff mailinglistst at patrice.ch
Thu Jul 21 15:08:51 UTC 2005

I didn't get the original message, so I'm replying to this one.  
Apologies for that.

>> But then when should it update the project drawer? You can create a
>> static (thus non-updating) project by dragging files (instead of
>> folders) to the project drawer. If you want to add an entire folder
>> structure as a project you can e.g. create a script as the one  
>> attached
>> below, which takes a folder as first argument and writes a tmproj  
>> file
>> to stdout.  I didn't make it handle special filenames though (like
>> containing quotes).

I'm seeing the same problem with my projects - updating the project  
drawers takes a few seconds. This is especially annoying when I  
switch between TextMate and the Web browser in very short sequences.

First I also thought about a setting or even a manual update. But my  
suggestion now would be to do the project refreshing in a separate  
thread in  the background. Is that possible?


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