[TxMt] REQ: default projectname <FOLDERNAME>.tmproj

Allan Odgaard allan at macromates.com
Wed Jul 20 23:03:44 UTC 2005

On 20/07/2005, at 14.10, Tom Lazar wrote:

>> FWIW, I find them completely invaluable, as the screenshot at:
> ACK, me too! Instead of Tobias' (great) idea with the smart folder  
> I simply bump their scoring in Quicksilver to access them quickly.
> I particularily like, that the .tmproj even saves each(!)  
> document's selection which is great for repeatively copying and  
> pasting.

I'm moving to filesystem metadata for this instead -- and I did  
manage to make a workaround for the AFP related kernel panic with  
setxattr, so this _is_ the future :) One concern is that Panther  
doesn't have setxattr and friends, but I do plan to drop Panther  
support long term (just haven't figured out for how long I need to  
support it, I'm thinking half a year or so, but I'll make the  
software update report OS version to get a feel for the migration  
rate among users before I make any decisions).

As for the actual project files… maybe they are unavoidable, my plan  
however is to make them as redunant as possible, so that one could  
work exclusively with scratch projects (i.e. just opening folders in  
TM) and still get the benefits of real projects (i.e. all state  
preserved accross sessions etc.).

> @allan: yes, I mean the 'untitled' default filename that one gets  
> when saving what you refer to as 'scratch' projects (the only ones  
> I use)

Okay, I've changed that for 1.1b15.

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