[TxMt] A Newbie Introduction (nursing student)

Jeff Schneiter jeffus at mac.com
Tue Jul 19 19:14:44 UTC 2005

Hello there,

I downloaded the trial version of TextMate 3 days ago and payed for  
it yesterday, am quite happy with what I have seen so far. One of the  
big selling points for me is that there is no toolbar! In the past I  
used Mellel and chose compact view to turn off the toolbar; I prefer  
the floating pallet. Toolbars are just way too distracting on the  
eyes, especially MS Word (a way too busy toolbar).

So as a nursing student (RN program in Seattle) I will start using  
TextMate and LaTeX to write my papers. One of my prereqs was English  
102 in which I had to write a 20 page paper with over 20 references,  
4 graphics, using MLA citations. I used Mellel without any type of  
bibliography software, and Mellel worked like a champ, quite good at  
setting styles; but I never worked with TOC or sections. I did have  
to spend extra time manipulating the text to eliminate widows/orphans  
and other layout issues. During the 2nd quarter of the program I had  
to write a 7 page paper using APA citations. For that one I used  
Apple's Pages and rolled my own references again. But first I used  
CopyWrite to write the paper before importing into Pages. I did not  
use fullscreen mode - don't like it. CopyWrite was really nice for  
organizing that paper, and plan on using it again.

This summer I have no classes, so I have spent time learning LaTeX  
and have converted the 7 page paper to LaTeX, using BibDesk and the  
apacite package. That was using TexShop. To make TextMate a little  
like TexShop I installed Schubert's PDF plugin, changed the pdflatex  
command to "Command-T" and created a bibtex command set to "Command- 
B". I copied latexErrWarnHtml.py into the local Latex.tmbundle (are  
there other mods I need to make?).

So I think I am set for next quarter's 15 page paper (on the cardiac  
and respiratory systems), and for the Masters program (whenever that  
may be).

Thanks for an excellent program for editing LaTeX.


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