[TxMt] Feature idea: split window for output

Chris Jenkins chrisjenkins at mac.com
Mon Jul 11 11:37:48 UTC 2005

Ive been thinking about some of the features that Eclipse has of late and it
strikes me that one of its strengths is the way it manages multiple panes
within a single window, so I was wondering whether it would be possible to
add a new type of window for commands to output into, this is the idea:
instead of opening a new window, open the window embedded within the current
editing window, sort of like Omniweb does with its site preferences, the
window splits horizontally with the site above and the prefs below. This
would be great for commands that check syntax as it would avoid obscuring
the editing window whilst sill allowing access to the output so that it
could be clicked on etc.

What does everyone else think? Allan, do you think this would be a good


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